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May 3-4, 2018

May 4

11:00 AM
Jasmine Cordew

How to Win at Facebook Advertising

It’s no secret that you have to pay to play in order to get meaningful social media engagement these days. Facebook advertising is consistently one of the cheapest and most targeted ways to drive brand awareness, engage your followers, and build traffic and conversions on your website. In this session, we’ll use nonprofit case studies to answer the basic questions of Facebook advertising.

We’ll also share some advanced tips and tricks for running effective campaigns and getting the most out of your ad budget to drive impact for your organization. Whether you’re a total newbie to Facebook ads or you’re an old pro, you’ll walk away with new ideas for ways to use Facebook to further your mission.


  • What’s the difference between the various ad formats?
  • How much should I expect to pay?
  • How can I craft an advertising plan that meets my organization’s goals?
  • Finding the ROI: how do I know if it’s worth it?



Jasmine Cordew

Digital Advertising Whaler

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