Kyle Linton

Executive Director

Kyle is the co-creator and Executive Director of Our Wave. He created the nonprofit to provide a means for survivors to share their stories, find healing within a supportive community, and empower change across the globe. Kyle graduated from North Carolina State University in 2014 with a degree in business administration and has worked in the software industry for 8 years since.

10:30 AM

Wednesday, April 28

Panel: Online Activation

The Power of Guest Blogs

Presenter: Laurie Ehrlich

In a cluttered marketplace, an authentic and powerful voice will be the one to break through. An authentic content channel, like a guest blog, will give you a platform to showcase your expertise and talk about that know-how on multiple digital channels.


  • The benefits of a blog
  • Who should write for the blog
  • How to track progress

How to Create a Simple and Effective Lead Gen Strategy

Presenter: Heidi Gollub

Successful Project Case Study: How a free resource led to national press and growing our parent database by 100% in three months


  • How to create free resources to attract a new audience
  • How to attract a national audience with earned media
  • How to use Google ads to drive traffic to your resources

Case Study: Our Wave

Presenter: Kyle Linton

Our Wave is a nonprofit that was started in 2018 to create a place for survivors of sexual violence to safely and anonymously share their stories. After two years in operation, we have reached over 100,000 survivors through the tools and educational content that we have developed. Through this event, I hope to share some of the ways that we assembled a diverse team of individuals and created a large amount of impact with limited funds.


  • Leveraging technology to scale nonprofit impact
  • How to leverage software tools to monitor and adjust impact
  • How to build a blended culture of volunteers with hard and soft skills
12:00 PM

Wednesday, April 28

Lunch: Online Activation Aftershow