Sheri Stilson

Executive Director

Sheri is the new Executive Director of Student Television Network, a non-profit international association of high school and middle school broadcast journalism, film, and multimedia programs. With a 20-year background in TV Producing and Event Planning, Sheri looks forward to empowering future storytellers with STN.

2:30 PM

Monday, April 26

How to Streamline Your Communication Strategy So You Can Increase Your Time, Money and Impact

Between wearing too many hats, being understaffed, and not having a clear strategy, donor communication tends to take the back burner. Nonprofits are left without a consistent source of income and their impact suffers. In this session, I’m going to show you what a leveraged communications strategy looks like and how to write up a strategy that actually produces better plans. Three nonprofits will share their experience using this kind of leveraged strategy and show you what their plans look like. You will leave this session with three tips for creating a leveraged communications strategy that does part of the work for you, a sample strategy, and an easy path to get started right away. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to improve and manage your existing strategies, regardless of your organization’s size.



  • Tips for creating a leveraged communications strategy
  • How to write a strategy that produces results
  • How to get started on their strategy right away with a sample for reference