Reuniting with past Create Good speakers to have them share their brilliance again. Don't miss them the second time around as we air the most popular and highly rated sessions. 

A WordPress Refresher

Get your hands dirty with this WordPress refresher session. Learn some new tricks and refresh on the basics of WordPress content management system (CMS). Though this demo session, you will learn some tips on how to take your website to the next level using free plugins and tools from WordPress. We might even touch Gutenberg a bit…

Crisis Communications Planning & Survival

The news cycle is so short, things can blow up rapidly and it is hard to prepare. Organizations must be able to move and make decisions very quickly by proactively creating a structure that can allow them to do so.

Inclusive Branding

Brand standards should always include your marks, margins, and colors but what if they included more to guide your organization to be more inclusive and diverse?

Feedback That Doesn’t Suck

Getting feedback is a deeply personal experience for many people. It’s hard to create but it’s easy to edit and give feedback.

Strategy of Design

From ideation to sketching and final product, Symone Fogg will guide you through her process of how ideas are brought to life.


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