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All year we’ve been revisiting the most popular talks and having those speakers cover their topics again.

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Why You Should Be Here

Learnings and Inspiration

Every year we seek to strike a balance between stoking passion and learning skills. Below is a collection of testimonials and reasons to come to Create Good.

There are rock star speakers nationally and locally that want to share their inspiration with you.

We've had speakers from Human Right Campaign (HRC), Black Lives Matter, and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as well as Girl Scouts, Conservation Trust for North Carolina.

You can learn across issues areas, sectors, and disciplines.

We believe that the different issues and sectors can learn from each others. So that's why we have nonprofit communicators from across interest areas and disciplines in the same room.

You can take real learnings and real skills home from Create Good.

One of our guiding principals when it comes to the conference has always been ``what can attendees take back to their desk on Monday?`` Over the past four years there's been sessions on:

  • Tips to have more successful media pitches
  • Elements of storytelling and how to get started
  • How to make your Facebook advertising campaign more effective
  • Using pop culture to get your cause mainstream
  • How to reach millennials
  • Power of design in nonprofit communications

The jolt of inspiration you get at Create Good can drive you at work or in your personal life.

In addition to hard skills we aim to reignite passion of our fellow nonprofit communicators. This passion is what drives our organizations forward.

The Create Good community leads to connections today and tomorrow.

From networking events that are actually fun to a creative environment that encourages conversation and sharing and an attendee makeup that's 90+% nonprofit comms professionals means our people make real connections. In addition, we have a Facebook group for Create Good alumni to keep in touch and ask questions.

It was the first time I was surrounded by people who understood my job. I loved it and appreciated connecting with others who face similar challenges in their work.

Laurel Shulman
<Create Good 2015/>

It was thoughtful, creative and a great atmosphere to connect and be inspired.

Mark Dessauer
<Create Good 2015/>

It was one of the best conferences I have been too.

Tonya Gillham
<Create Good 2015/>

Finally, a conference that is specifically for nonprofit communicators and marketing peeps with truly meaty and relevant content.

Joye Hodges
<Create Good 2016/>

It was amazing!! It was such an incredible experience to be surrounded by people who knew exactly what you were going through!

Daysi Hurtado
<Create Good 2016/>

It was amazing to be with my tribe and make great connections.

Ellie Agar
<Create Good 2017/>

It was the most motivational, reassuring thing I've done for my career in a long time. A sheer joy!

<Create Good 2018 />

Really enjoyed being in a shared, collaborative space with others who share similar passions and roles in their organization.

Justin Hubbard
<Create Good 2017/>

THANK YOU for bringing this to life. It is so, so helpful and needed and uplifting!

<Create Good 2018/>

I walked away feeling like I had learned so much, made great connections, and felt more empowered and in solidarity with other nonprofit communicators.

Kari Martin Hollinger
<Create Good 2018/>