Are you interested in speaking at Create Good?

If you are proud of your nonprofit communications skills, have a good story to tell and/or have a successful campaign to boast about, we want you to speak at our next conference!

The Create Good conference will take place in late April-early May 2021. It will only be online and sessions will likely be spread out over 1-2 weeks. We’re still nailing all those details down, and our speakers will drive our final decisions.

Create Good will celebrate its 7th year in 2020. We gather approximately 150 nonprofit communicators for our conference. This small, intimate event is beloved by the nearly 1,000 people who have become our alumni.

We offer several opportunities to be involved:

  • Speak on a panel (15 min)
  • Lead an interactive session (60 min)
  • Lead a workshop (workshop day only, two sessions, 120 min per session)
  • 5-10 minute stand-up confessional


Topics We’re Looking For:

Our attendees are most interested in learning about the following topics, but please add your own interests too:

  • Communications Planning
  • New Technology for Nonprofits
  • Successful Project Case Studies – BIG NEED! Can be just a 15-minute panel or a full hour
  • Crisis Management
  • Content Management
  • Emails/Email Marketing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Adding More Creativity to My Work
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Fundraising Communication
  • Video Production
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Website Management
  • Facebook
  • Photography
  • How You Survived 2020/Covid-19
  • Confessionals of Nonprofit Communications Leadership

Who You’ll Be Speaking To:

Our audience changes every year, but in general, our attendees are communications and marketing professionals early in their career: 0-5 years experience. They mostly work in these mission areas, but we get at least one person from every possible mission area:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Faith
  • Foundation
  • Animal Welfare
  • Budget - Economy - Tax
  • Environment - Energy
  • Housing - Consumer Protections
  • Human Services
  • Politics - Elections
  • Museums & Educational Centers

Preparing Your Submission:

We want to be sold. Razzle-dazzle us! Please write your titles and descriptions as something that you’d like to attend yourself. We want to feel your energy and enthusiasm to speak at Create Good. Don’t be shy, be bold!

NOTE TO CONSULTANTS/VENDORS: You are welcome to apply AND please plan to co-present with a nonprofit client. Create Good does not allow sales pitches at our event. Less than 20% of our speaker list will be consultants/vendors.

Can you submit multiple ideas? YES!!! We want to hear about all your good ideas!

The survey tool will walk you through all submission requirements, but be prepared to add:

  • Name
  • Pronouns
  • Organization/Company Name
  • Mission Type/Business Type
  • Title
  • State
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Social Handles
  • Website
  • Are you a: nonprofit employee, consultant/vendor or other
  • If you are a consultant/vendor, can you co-present with a client: Yes/No
  • Co-Presenter – OPTIONAL!
  • Years of experience
  • Session Type: 1-hour session, join a panel or workshop
  • Title
  • Description
  • 3 Things Attendees Will Learn
  • Best Topic Area
  • Link to previous speaking examples – OPTIONAL!
  • Why do you love nonprofit communications?
  • Why should we pick you to speak?
  • Have you attended Create Good in the past?

What Create Good speakers get:

  • The opportunity to share your ideas, successes and talents with your peers
  • Speaker stipend - $250 per session
  • One non-transferable pass for admission to the conference ($100 value)
  • Video file of your presentation to share with your mom/dad/grandma or anywhere
  • Unique code of 20% off general admission to the conference for you to share with friends, colleagues, and any professional audiences (social media, newsletters, etc.)
  • Bragging rights
  • Special surprise gift mailed to you!

Ready to Apply? Dude, let’s do this:

1. Please complete this survey

2. Sit back and relax

3. We'll notify selected participants by November 15, 2020

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