• Keynote: Kickstarting the Resistance

    Michele Moore

    Join us in this talk with Michele as she discusses how to communicate the Resistance and what other nonprofits can take away from what ACLU has learned over the past year.

  • Keynote: Art of Innovation

    Noah Scalin & Mica Scalin

    ART OF INNOVATION introduces The Big 7 keys to generating creative energy that anyone can employ. This highly- motivational keynote provides practical tools for getting unstuck anytime, any place.

  • Open Source Tools for Media Analysis

    Natalie Gyenes

    How can we identify the messenger, and influence the message? This talk will help strengthen the efforts of both communities and organizations as they try to understand, strengthen or reframe existing media narratives.

  • Communicating in Times of Change

    Anusha Aikhan

    In this era of divisiveness, how is your nonprofit working to change minds, influence important issues and bring people together? Get tips for digital and on-the-ground outreach that you can apply to your work.

  • Branding

    Kari Hartkorn

    What makes up the components of a successful brand and how do you get there? This talk will walk through the creation and execution of a beautiful brand.

  • Self-Care When the Goin’ Gets Tough

    Valerie Arendt

    People who work at nonprofits are some of the most passionate people in the world, but sometimes they forget to care for themselves. Learn how to pause, take a deep breath, relax and open your heart when you need it most.

  • Earned Media: Tips, Tricks and a Little Glitter

    Mary Alice Holley

    Landing a news story is more than chance, it’s a lot of hard work. Learn about how to build a better media list, pitch like a pro, and build lasting relationships with the right reporters.

  • The Power of Voice: Leadership Storytelling

    Jessica Mach & John Cape

    Develop your capacity to craft and share your personal narratives as a critical leadership skill. This is a critical skill as it enables the connection between personal experiences and values, and cultivates the ability to mobilize movements.

  • Sold-Out Events that Deliver Long Term Results

    Brooke Battle

    Communications pros are often expected to work miracles for nonprofit events and become responsible for creating a sold-out event. Get tips on how to pull off the event they’ll be talking about for years.

  • Podcasting: More Than Speaking Into a Mic

    Janet Kennedy

    Organizations are using this audio method to amplify their mission and messages. Learn the ins and outs of successful podcasting from a self-made podcaster.

  • How to Win at Facebook Advertising

    Jasmine Cordew

    Make Facebook work harder for your organization. Whether you’re a total newbie to Facebook ads or you’re an old pro, you’ll walk away with new ideas for ways to use Facebook to further your mission.

  • Workshop: Create Better Together

    Noah Scalin & Mica Scalin

    Learn how to bring the Art of Innovation into your workplace so that you can create better together. This high-energy, hands-on experience gives participants the opportunity to try out The Big 7 practices introduced in the keynote.

  • The Power of Moments in Storytelling

    Brian Crawford

    In telling stories we want powerful, authentic anecdotes. In this talk we we will learn about thinking in moments when telling a story.

  • CALM not BUSY: Building Your Nonprofit’s Communications Culture

    Kivi Leroux Miller

    We know that being CALM (collaborative, agile, logical and methodical) in nonprofit communications work produces results. You’ll leave with your own game plan to build a more supportive culture of communications at your nonprofit.

  • Get Curious: Creative Infusions for Your Career and Life

    Mailande Moran

    Even the most passionate nonprofit professionals can feel “stuck“ sometimes. Come find out how to harness curiosity for good, break out of a rut, and take a creative risk that could change your organization (and your life) for the better.

  • SEO for the Win

    Kyle Sutton

    There is no need to get spooked by keywords, META tags, or a little link love. Learn simple tips to improve your organization’s website SEO and uncover some hidden treasures of Google Analytics.