2020 Tested Us We are still here.
These are the stories.

We must move forward without taking our eyes off the past year. In Create Good 2021, we are sharing stories and movements from the past year.  These are stories of resilience, stories of strength, and stories of hope. Through these stories paired with action, we will turn our lessons into victories.

April 26, 2021 - April 30, 2021

This year, Create Good will be a week-long conference held completely online. We are exploring new ways to connect our participants with knowledge and community. This also means that 1 ticket to Create Good = 29 sessions.

All on-time attendees get access to BOTH live and recorded sessions.


  • Early Bird – Invited to all live webinar sessions +access to all recorded sessions – $100 for first 50 sign-ups
  • On-Time Attendee – Gets invited to all live webinar sessions +access to all recorded sessions – $150
  • Post-Event On-Demand Pass – Access to all recorded sessions – $175
  • Class Pass – Individual sessions will be available for attendance at $25 each (sessions sign-ups will be released in April)

On-Demand Pass

$ 175
  • 16 Breakouts
  • 2 Workshops
  • 5 Keynotes
  • 3 Social Events
  • 3 Lunch Discussions


See the brilliant folks sharing their stories this year.

Talks, Workshops, and Inspiration

From how to take back the Internet, empowering your entire staff to be marketers, mastering data visualization, and advocacy communication we have a fascinating group of speakers and topics this year. Stay tuned as we release speakers and session information. 


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