Create Good 2023

Strength To
Make Change

Strength, fortitude, stubbornness. Whatever you call it, we need it more now than ever to stay on the path to make change. 

April 26–28, 2023


This year at Create Good, we heard about creating stories, engaging our supporters, and believing in our damn selves.  This year was entirely a celebration of change makers and those who have been brave enough to create good. 

We can’t wait for the next one!

Keynote + Workshop Speakers

Kenia Thompson

Entrepreneur & Educator

Dawn Crawford

BC/DC Ideas

Kivi Leroux Miller

CEO and Trainer
Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Darren Margolias

Executive Director
Beast Philanthropy

Half-Day Workshop

With Dawn Crawford  //  Wednesday, April 26th from 1 – 5 pm

Project Burnout

Fix Your Creative Review Process To Save Your Sanity

In this 3-hour session, learn how to make your creative feedback process more collaborative & get content to completion with only 2 rounds of review. Based on her new book, “Kindly Review,” Dawn Crawford will introduce participants to a radical approach to addressing toxic feedback while helping them control their work processes. In this special session, learn about eight feedback styles, then get the tools you need to create a respectful, collaborative environment for creative critique. With the guidance of “Kindly Review,” you’ll take control of stressful work situations through an easy-to-implement process to make your workplace kinder. Every participant will get a copy of “Kindly Review” and handy worksheets to implement the Kind Review process with your team!

Some of The Sessions

How to Reach People Authentically

Speaker: Kenia Thompson

Learn how to create meaningful dialogue between the people you serve to build bridges to excellence.

Keep It, Try It, or Quit It

Kivi Leroux Miller

The days where your nonprofit had to be on any particular social media platform are over. We will focus on all the pros and cons of your various social media choices and talk about what is required for success in 2023 and beyond.

Speaking Queer Here

Speaker: Shane Lukas

It’s time to go beyond the rainbow (flag) this Pride Month to talk about the significance of intentional, authentic, and meaningful LGBTQIA+ inclusion in building advocates and partnerships.

The Venue + Hotels

Durham Arts Council Durham, NC

120 Morris St, Durham, NC

There is no group buy this year.

Closest Hotels:



21C Durham

The Durham 

Many thanks to our sponsors!

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