Project Burnout

April 26, 2023 |
 12:00 pm –
 4:00 pm

Fix Your Creative Review Process To Save Your Sanity

In this 4-hour pre-conference session, learn how to make your creative feedback process more collaborative & get content to completion with only 2 rounds of review.

Based on her new book, “Kindly Review,” instructor Dawn Crawford will introduce participants to a radical approach to addressing toxic feedback while helping them control their work processes to get great ideas and products to the finish line faster. In this special session, learn about eight feedback styles, then get the tools you need to create a respectful, collaborative environment for creative critique. With the guidance of “Kindly Review,” you’ll take control of stressful work situations through an easy-to-implement process to make your workplace kinder.


Every participant will get a copy of “Kindly Review” and handy worksheets to implement the Kind Review process with your team.

What you will learn:
  • How to identify eight feedback styles and how to manage them to receive collaborative feedback
  • Understand why negative feedback is triggering for many people
  • Tips for managing your response to receiving feedback
  • How to identify helpful feedback versus toxic feedback
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a collaborative review process
  • How to use feedback to strengthen your work
  • When to quit a team or project because it is too toxic


MORE ABOUT “Kindly Review”:¬†This is the first book of its kind that introduces a model of respectful collaboration through review and feedback within a team. When people hear about this concept, they have that “ah-ha” moment when they realize they can take control of the often-stressful feedback process. They all want to know the secrets to make their workplace a more collaborative, respectful space.


The book’s unique content is based on the author’s professional experience of having over 100 bosses in 10 years. As the owner of a creative communication agency, author Dawn Crawford has worked with leaders and mid-level managers to craft a process to master the art of effective collaborative feedback. “Kindly Review” helps people manage feedback styles and fix toxic review situations.


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