Dawn Crawford


Dawn Crawford of BC/DC Ideas is a dynamic, entertaining speaker and mentor for nonprofit communications professionals and leaders alike. She specializes in speaking to communications planning, troll and online community management, crisis communications, building more efficient communications processes and bringing kindness to your work life.

The engine behind BC/DC Ideas, Dawn has dedicated her career to good. Before launching BC/DC Ideas in 2010, she earned her chops in 10+ years of communications leadership roles for public health, healthcare and youth-focused nonprofits. Working for nonprofits is Dawn’s dream job, and she loves that her 50+ hours a week make the world a better place.

These days Dawn brings her considerable experience and expertise to helping elevate the nonprofit sector. Our team’s lead strategist, Dawn is often seen leading our IdeaStorms, penning communications plans, or checking in with clients.

Things that make her happy: Chai tea in the morning or a glass of champagne at quittin’ time, Basecamp, living in the South, her daughter’s giggle and a well-formatted spreadsheet.


April 26, 2023 //
12:00 pm 
– 4:00 pm
Location: Theatre

Fix Your Creative Review Process To Save Your Sanity

In this 3-hour session, learn how to make your creative feedback process more collaborative & get content to completion with only 2 rounds of review. Based on her new book, “Kindly Review,” Dawn Crawford will introduce participants to a radical approach to addressing toxic feedback while helping them control their work processes. In this special session, learn about eight feedback styles, then get the tools you need to create a respectful, collaborative environment for creative critique. With the guidance of “Kindly Review,” you’ll take control of stressful work situations through an easy-to-implement process to make your workplace kinder. Every participant will get a copy of “Kindly Review” and handy worksheets to implement the Kind Review process with your team!


April 28, 2023 //
1:30 pm 
– 2:30 pm
Location: Theatre

ROI, evaluation, KPIs, whatever you call it, communications pros need to do reporting on your communications efforts. Often overlooked, this is a key strategy to understanding what is working and what you can say “no” to in the future.

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