Embrace The #KindBoss In YOU

April 4, 2024 |
 3:00 pm –
 4:00 pm
Let’s be honest — communications folk are often sensitive folk. We work hard on building up a thick skin, but the chinks in our armor are visible. Building a kinder feedback process can unlock the team’s creative potential by boosting their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence is essential for your team to recognize, regulate and understand emotions — in themselves and others.
In this presentation, author and creative agency owner Dawn Crawford will guide your audience through these key takeaways:
·       Why feedback hurts
·       5 ways to strengthen your team through kindness
·       Keys to bringing kindness into the creative review process
Throughout the presentation, Dawn will share entertaining stories of leadership gone wrong, tips to drive home key learnings and inspiration to put kindness into practice. Get your audience fired up for action, collaboration and kindness. Give your audience the tools to develop a team that will produce better results more efficiently and helps save their sanity.


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