• Keynote: RAICES Texas

    Barbara Peña

    Being on the front lines of one of the biggest news stories of 2018 matched with revolutionary fundraising and heartbreaking mission work isn’t for the faint of heart. Keynote Speaker Barbara Pena is the  Director of Strategic Partnerships at RAICES in Texas. She will share how a nonprofit organization can weather an overnight success to use their new found funding and national profile to do more for the people they serve. She’ll share her organization’s success and stumbles with tips that any nonprofit communicator can learn from.

  • Keynote: Las Cafeteras

    David Flores + Leah Rose Gallegos

    As conversations of walls, borders, and fences have dominated the national dialogue, what is the role of artists to shift the narrative?  Who bears the responsibility to counter our present day divisions?

  • Inclusive Branding

    Chris Tuttle

    Brand standards should always include your marks, margins and colors but what if they included more to guide your organization to being more inclusive and diverse? In this session, learn from one organization on how they use thier brand standards to unify the graphic look of the organization but also guides it to be inclusive of all people and abilities. This thoughtful presentation will open your eyes to the expansive possiblities of brand standards.

  • Workshop: The 7 Styles of Writing Every Nonprofit Communicator Should Master

    Kivi Leroux Miller

    Most nonprofit communicators consider themselves to be good writers. But what really sets apart the great writers in the nonprofit world is mastery of seven distinct types of copywriting.

  • Feedback That doesn't suck

    Dawn Crawford

    Getting feedback is a deeply personal experience for many peopleIt’s hard to create but it’s easy to edit and give feedback. Giving good feedback is just as hard. Aligning visions on a project and building the best product can be an emotional strain.
    In this session, learn from creative agency owner Dawn Crawford how to get help giving and receiving feedback that is less painful and more constructive.

  • Workshop: Video Storytelling

    Rain Bennett

    In this 2.5 hour workshop get the tools you need to tell a great story on film. In the first half, filmmaker Rain Bennett will share the secrets to good storytelling and what pieces you need to weave a wonderful video. In the second half, get hands on time to shoot, edit and share a short film shot on your smart phone.

  • Strategy of Design

    Symone Fogg

    Learn from an up and coming designer on how to use a strategic eye to creating amazing design. From ideation to sketching and final product, Symone Fogg will guide you through her process of how ideas are brought to life.

  • Email Marketing. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

    Melanie Diehl

    Get a handle on how to make your email campaigns get those elusive open and click-rates. Learn from a Constant Contact All-Star Award recipient on how to most effectively plan, write, design and deploy effective email communication campaigns.

  • Slaying the Content Management Beast

    Meghan Prichard

    Trying to manage digital content creation, editing and promotion can be daunting. Whether you are blessed with too much content or you’re pulling teeth to get good stories from your staff, content development is often a feast and famine cycle. Learn from Meghan Prichard, who develops website content to engage and educate online audiences, drive revenue, and support digital needs for her nonprofit organization.

  • Back-end Basics: WordPress Refresher

    Lexi Namer

    Get your hands dirty with this WordPress refresher session. Learn some new tricks and refresh on the basics of WordPress content management system (CMS). Though this demo session, you will learn some tips on how to take your website to the next level using free plugins and tools from WordPress.

  • Crisis Communications Planning & Survival

    Kate Lino + Rachel Renock

    The news cycle is so short, things can blow up rapidly and it is hard to prepare. Organizations must be able to move and make decisions very quickly by proactively creating a structure that can allows them to do so. Learn from seasoned communications pros – Rachel Renock as the CEO of Wethos and PR Consultant Kate Lino – on how to prepare your organization to meet and survive a crisis.

  • Online Organizing Bootcamp

    Brittany Iery + Peter Walz

    In this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll get the tips and tricks you need to motivate your followers online. We’ll take a deep dive into smart social strategy, organic email and text message list building, and paid social media advertising. You’ll leave with a few new tricks up your sleeve to engage and motivate your followers! There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion so that you can get information most relevant to your work.

  • Messaging for the Development Staff: What Your Fundraisers Really Want and Need

    Wondering what’s going on in the heads of your development staffers, and what they would love most from communications? Here’s how you can help your organization increase revenue. Donor-Centered Fundraising is the standard now in fundraising – learn how the best fundraisers like to talk to and care for their donors. We’ll look at examples of excellent donor-centered communications.

  • Finding the SwitchPoints: Events that Spark Connections

    Nola Paterni

    There’s phenomenal potential in interdisciplinary collaboration, and SwitchPoint seeks to bring people together to help make it happen. This session will engage participants through examples of innovative projects and partnerships that were kindled at SwitchPoint and spark ideas for new ways to think about, communicate about, and incorporate collaborative innovation in participants’ own work.

  • Communications Planning Success

    Melissa Hovey

    Communications success lies in the creating a doable and solid plan. Learn how to build a communications plan that helps you achieve your goals. Melissa Hovey from SHARE Charlotte brings for-profit experience to the nonprofit world to bring awareness to nonprofits and raise money for area nonprofits. She’s “always launching a plan” and her quick learning style accelerates her organization’s success.