Partnership and innovation go hand-in-hand. IntraHealth International’s moonshot division, SwitchPoint, is steeped in the belief that unexpected partnerships have great potential to advance health and social good.

SwitchPoint brings together hundreds of leaders from all over the globe and from all backgrounds to share their stories and their work. The SwitchPoint organizers have an unwavering commitment to authenticity. We want to hear the testimony from those on the frontlines – stories from health workers, humanitarian innovators, and program implementers who see a problem, care enough to focus all their energy on finding a solution, and are tenacious enough to succeed. Jorge Odon, Brian Gita, Nadia Hitimana. Lucy Mphuru.

Synergies are created before the conference even begins through intentional pairings and preparation for the breakout sessions (Microlabs), and during a pre-conference session for presenters called the Innovator’s Forum.

Microlabs pair two or more presenters together with the belief that solutions are born out of unusual collaborations, think: new financing models, novel strategies for developing human capital, etc. (Microlab examples: It Take a Village, Future of Learning, etc.)

The Innovator’s Forum is an opportunity for presenters to make unexpected connections and collaborate in an intimate setting out of the limelight before the main conference begins. We see new partnerships, concrete initiatives, and friendships grow out of this session every year. There’s even been a love story or two.

There’s phenomenal potential in interdisciplinary collaboration, and SwitchPoint seeks to bring people together to help make it happen. This session will engage participants through examples of innovative projects and partnerships that were kindled at SwitchPoint and spark ideas for new ways to think about, communicate about, and incorporate collaborative innovation in participants’ own work.

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