Meet the movement makers, rabble-rousers, and just plain inspiring folks making change happen.


Tatyerra Spurlock

Senior Manager

Erez Yoeli

Research Scientist

Polly Dong

Chief Operating Officer


Mira Weinstein

Founder and Organizer-in-Chief

Laurie Ehrlich

Director of Marketing & Communications

Shawn Taylor

Coach and Consultant

Kyle Linton

Executive Director

Lindsay Humbert

Digital Strategy Manager

Sandra Ordonez

Head of Team CommUNITY

Andi Ryder

Managing Director of Development

Anna Mullen

Communications Director

Annalee Rigdon

Assistant Marketing Director

Emily Patterson

Consultant/ Digital Marketing

Jennifer Bell

Marketing Director

Jennifer Crews

Executive Director

Seth Palmer

Director of Strategic Communications

Chandler Rock

Major Gifts Officer

Kate Brown

Manager of Communications and Development

Martha Elder

Executive Director

Molly Sutherland

Director of Statewide Marketing and Communications

Monica Malmgren

Senior Digital Strategist

Nathalie Ray

Development Director

Nat Kendall-Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Byrd-Krueger

Chief Analytics Officer

Samra Khawaja

Social Media Manager

Sarah Olivieri

Nonprofit Strategist

Shaun Adamec

Founder and President

Sheri Stilson

Executive Director

Frannie Noble

Associate Director for Communications

Julia Toepfer

Senior Marketing & Digital Engagement Strategist

Heidi Gollub

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Crawford

Creative Director

Kate Runy

Communications Specialist

Dawn Crawford


Ben LeFort


Abram Garcia

Membership and Marketing Manager

Ilina Ewen

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility