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Crisis Communications Planning & Survival

Crisis Communications Planning & Survival

The news cycle is so short, things can blow up rapidly and it is hard to prepare. Organizations must be able to move and make decisions very quickly by proactively creating a structure that can allows them to do so. It’s hard to identify red flags 8 months from now but you can focus on getting ahead in weeks or months by operating and planning in what’s called a “sprint”. Learn from seasoned communications pros – Rachel Renock as the CEO of Wethos and PR Consultant Kate Lino – on how to prepare your organization to meet and survive a crisis.

What You'll Learn

Structure your organization for speed during a crisis

Work on how to maintain transparency & authenticity

Learn the importance of identifying stakeholders & including the right team members



Kate Lino started her 20-year communications career as a newspaper reporter in South Texas. She made

CEO + Creative Director

Rachel is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Wethos, a platform that enables nonprofits to rent curated tea