Create Good 23 – Podcast Session


DYK: 62% of US consumers have listened to a podcast. Nearly 3:4 podcast listeners in the US say they tune in to learn new things.

After launching three podcasts in the last year, speaker Brian Crawford of BC/DC Ideas knows that it takes to get this new media off the ground.

In this session,

  • Learn the steps it takes to launch a successful podcast.
  • Explore the equipment you need to get it sounding perfect.
  • Producer tips for wrangling guests and best practices for episode length and promotion.


Brian Crawford

Creative Director

A natural problem-solver, Brian’s ability to cut to the core of any problem helps guide our creative team to the correct solution without wasted time or money. It’s the core, this little nugget of truth, that helps our clients take the next step with their audiences.

Brian Crawford of BC/DC Ideas is a down-to-earth presenter that ensures everyone in his presentations has the skills to succeed in nonprofit communications. He has a careful, thoughtful presentation style that makes everyone feel heard and included. He specializes in sharing his knowledge on storytelling, video production and design theory.

Brian gets the greatest joy out of helping our clients realize and connect with their story. He is a true believer that everyone and every organization has a compelling story to tell, you just have to listen with an open heart.

Things that make Brian happy: hanging out at the park with family, toddler-speak, hitting the focus pull, and good coffee.

Most of Brian’s spare time is spent with his amazing family and his six-year-old daughter. Otherwise, he’s usually tinkering or getting into some other nerdy A/V trouble.

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