Storytelling Workshop


Get tips to master nonprofit storytelling

About this event

Stories are all around us. In this session, Brian Crawford of BC/DC Ideas will talk through the parts of a story, how to get started, and some tips, tricks, and tools to gather and tell stories.

This session is mainly focused on video storytelling and interview techniques to capture the best story but you can use these tips for any storytelling format. We will reserve a long block of time for Q&A so he can answer your specific questions.


  • How to pre-plan for success when it comes to storytelling
  • Equipment and technology of video storytelling
  • How to level up interviews to capture the best story


Brian Crawford


Creative Director

Mix equal parts nerd and creativity and that’s our creative director. A natural problem-solver, Brian’s ability to cut to the core of any problem helps guide our creative team to the correct solution without wasted time or money. With over 15 years of experience across the creative spectrum, he’s the Swiss Army knife of getting it done for our clients.

Brian gets the greatest joy out of helping our clients realize and connect with their story. He is a true believer that everyone and every organization has a compelling story to tell, you just have to listen with an open heart.

Things that make him happy: Hanging out at the park with family, going on adventures with his daughter, hitting the focus pull, and good coffee.


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