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May 3-4, 2018

May 4

11:00 AM
Noah Scalin + Mica Scalin

Workshop – Create Better Together

Learn how to bring the Art of Innovation into your workplace so that you can create better together. This high-energy, hands-on experience gives participants the opportunity to try out The Big 7 practices Noah Scalin introduced in his Art of Innovation keynote. Explore strategies for sustaining creative-problem solving and innovative thinking in yourself and others. Workshop closes with facilitated discussion to determine insights and applications related to immediate challenges.

● Explore creative practices for leading innovation in your workplace.
● Learn a methodology that builds an innovation culture through everyday actions.
● Understand the risks of leading innovation in the workplace and how to manage them.
● Explore how to develop creative capabilities of individuals and teams to directly impact your 
organizational goals.
● Develop confidence to drive innovation and support creative development in your workplace.



Noah Scalin

Artist, Author and Innovation Consultant

Another Limited Rebellion



Mica Scalin

Author + Co-founder

Another Limited Rebellion