5 Quick Ways to Make Your Website More Accessible

April 4, 2024 |
 11:00 am –
 12:00 pm
Adaron Hall

This engaging presentation delves into the realm of web accessibility, offering you practical insights on how to enhance your website’s inclusivity. In today’s digital landscape, ensuring that your online content is accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities, is not just a necessity but a moral imperative.

During this session, we will explore practical ways to enhance your website’s accessibility, making it easier for all users to engage with your content. This presentation is tailored to nonprofit marketing and communications professionals, offering insights that empower you to create a digital space that’s open and welcoming to all. Your commitment to accessibility will not only enrich your audiences’ experiences but also reflect your dedication to inclusivity and diversity.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll be empowered to improve your website so that it welcomes everyone, regardless of their physical or technological challenges. Join us in taking a step toward a more inclusive online world.


Session Takeaways:

  • 5 tips you can use right away to improve the accessibility of your website
  • A free checklist you can use as a reference moving forward


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