Make Kindness Go Viral: VIDEO Keynote Presentation

April 28, 2023 |
 9:30 am –
 10:30 am

Darren Margolias serves as Executive Director at Beast Philanthropy. MrBeast and host Jimmy Donaldson is the fastest-growing digital creator in the world, with an audience exceeding 175 million subscribers across his channels. Beast Philanthropy is the nonprofit arm of the global brand used to amplify Jimmy’s positive messages of hope, kindness, and sharing. With his reach and influence over a massive and loyal audience, and a brand defined by kindness and generosity, there is no one better positioned to have an impact on the scale of MrBeast.

Beast Philanthropy will be Jimmy’s vehicle to make kindness go viral, to inspire the best in a new generation, and to make the world a better place.

In this video keynote presentation, Darren will share the mission of Beast Philanthropy and inspire nonprofits to make more compelling videos. Through tips and questions previously collected from Create Good attendees, we will all get ideas on how to make our videos share the message of hope.

This presentation format is purposeful – a YouTube brand via video is so meta.


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