The pandemic caused most of our teams to scurry to work from home in a hurry. In the past year, many nonprofit communicators have thrived in this new environment engaging co-workers and supporters in novel, exciting ways. On this panel learn from a few of those thrivers and get tips on how to direct at a distance.Zoom: Friend or Foe

Presenter: Nathalie Ray

A panel to discuss tips for using Zoom effectively and for a multitude of purposes.


How Collaborative Planning Saved our Sanity in Covid-19

Presenter: Kate Brown

Sharing how Covid-19 created our necessity for collaborative planning and why we choose it over and over again. Hear about our journey and walk away with our top 3 recommendations to increase collaborative planning with your teams – starting tomorrow!


Making Remote Working Work for Communications DirectorsPresenter: Anna Mullen

2020 was the year of Zoom, physical distancing and mass migration to home offices. The learning curve for directing a remote communications department (or any nonprofit team!) can be steep – but you don’t have to navigate it on your own. As many of us continue settling into the new normal of virtual workplaces, pick up some new tips, tricks, tactics, and tools for making remote communications work work for you.