Ellie Artone

Pronouns: She/Her
 Co-Founder & Chief Creator Officer
 Social Currant

Ellie Artone is a marketing leader with over three years of experience in the short-form space. At Social Currant, she leads projects with Fortune 500 executives. She leads the day to day client management, running the accounts team. Ellie is also a 2023 graduate of George Washington University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, with a concentration on International Development, and a minor in Psychological and Brain Studies. Also, she is passionate about climate justice and women’s health, and is excited to get more involved in these spaces.


April 5, 2024 //
11:00 am 
– 12:00 pm
Location: Duke Hall

Learn how to discover and work with social media content creators for your nonprofit.

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