Leah Rose Gallegos

Musician & Community Organizer

Leah Rose Gallegos was born and raised in Highland Park, Northeast Los Angeles. She graduated from USC on a full soccer scholarship where she studied Chicana/o Studies. Upon an invitation to the US Women’s National Team, she tore her ACL, cutting her soccer career short. However, her next projects were to be just as fruitful. While rehabilitating her injury, she found remedy and healing in yoga. She quickly discovered the incredibly low access of yoga to communities of color. Leah and a good friend, Lauren Quan-Madrid co-founded People’s Yoga, the first and only yoga studio in East Los Angeles, dedicated to offering accessible and affordable yoga and holistic health practices while creating safe space for the people of communities where access is limited. People’s Yoga is women owned, thriving health and healing space. Leah found music by ceremony, learning song from curanderas. She later took Son Jarocho classes at Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural with her family in the San Fernando Valley. Leah is a proud vegan, lover of food and family and always carries a bottle of rosemary or lavender essential oil for quick limpias on-the-go.

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