Tereza Litsa

Pronouns: She/They
 Freelance Marketing and Writing

Award-winning marketing professional, trainer, and speaker passionate about digital communications

I have worked both with businesses and nonprofits for 11 years to help them improve their digital presence — from social media and online campaigns to full-funnel marketing and SEO copywriting.

I have run successful campaigns that reached millions of people, created content that ranked first on search results, interviewed international thought leaders, built many digital strategies, and ran hundreds of training sessions.

I love blending my strategic and creative skills to deliver the best results for every project. The best feedback I’ve ever received is that I’m good at communicating my expertise in a language that everyone understands.

This is what I’m aiming to do with all my work. I want to help you simplify your marketing and digital communications. I don’t have the answers to all the questions, but I’m always ready to dedicate the right time to help you succeed.


April 4, 2024 //
11:00 am 
– 12:00 pm
Location: Theatre

This session will help you understand how AI can fit into your marketing communications, how nonprofits can maintain the human element, and how to pick the best use cases for your organization.

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