Chat Bots for Advocacy and Voter Engagement

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Chat Bots for Advocacy and Voter Engagement

Learn about the power of chat bots for advocacy and turning out voters!


  • How to use chat bots for advocacy
  • Pros and cons of chat bots, including a variety of use cases
  • Lessons learned

Samra Khawaja

Social Media Manager

Samra is the social media manager at Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), the advocacy arm of Save the Children. Her background includes doing social media work at a federal arts agency and a PR firm where she managed digital portfolios for various clients. During her time in college, she interned at a handful of news outlets at the local and national level, like WTVR and CNN, where she played a role in producing social media content. She is a Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) alum and proud, native DMV resident. Ask her about her love for Nutella and you will surely get along!

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