Content That Connects

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Content That Connects

How Content Strategy Connects Your Mission and Your Audience

Your organization creates myriad offerings — programs, products, services, resources, information, and tools. Do they have an explicit audience and measurable goals? Do those come through in the way you write, publish, and promote your offerings? If you had a content strategy, they would! In this session, learn from content strategist Hilary Marsh how to turn your communicators into coaches and guides – orchestra conductors to help all the organization’s offering render as a deep, complex experience rather than cacaphony.


  • A step-by-step roadmap for adopting a content strategy
  • A business case for selling content strategy to your leadership
  • A content strategy maturity worksheet
  • Specific guidance for where to start

Hilary Marsh

Founder, Chief Content and Digital Strategist

She has extensive expertise in content strategy, content management, and web operations, leading multidisciplinary digital projects spanning web, social media, and e-communications for associations, nonprofits, and corporations in multiple industries. An experienced strategic communicator, Hilary has created digital strategies, developed content strategies and management plans, managed social media guidelines and channels, built e-newsletter programs, written digital content, helped organizations choose content management systems, and more.

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