Harnessing Social Media Influencers

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Harnessing Social Media Influencers

Tips for nonprofits to access the world of social media amplifiers

About this event

Learn the benefits of utilizing influencers to help raise meaningful awareness and encourage involvement with your nonprofit organizations, along with tips on how to reach your target audience and structure a campaign. Danielle Speisman Owens from Media Vine will share success stories and insider knowledge on the best ways to leverage this unique communications tactic.


  • What is Influencer Marketing and why it’s a powerful tool for brands and nonprofits
  • How to amplify your nonprofit’s message and needs using authentic voices of influencers
  • Benefits of working with a 3rd party company, such as Mediavine, to manage campaigns

Danielle Speisman Owens

Manager of Influencer Marketing
Brand Whisperer

Danielle Speisman Owens brings 10+ years experience in creative integrated marketing and sales strategy, with a focus on lifestyle brands and digital publishers. Her strong background in custom content ideation and influencer marketing strategies allows her to develop impactful campaigns for brands, helping advertisers reach their target consumers using the influential voices they trust.

Born in Long Island, NY, and raised in Scottsdale, AZ, she studied Communications at the University of Arizona, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2006, and currently lives in North Phoenix with her husband Todd.

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