Speaking Queer Here

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Speaking Queer Here

Modeling & building inclusive narrative for nonprofits

It’s time to go beyond the rainbow (flag) this Pride Month to talk about the significance of intentional, authentic, and meaningful LGBTQIA+ inclusion in building advocates and partnerships.

But let’s not stop there.

Through the lens of the current queer experience, this webinar will share and explore principles and practices that build an inclusive values-driven organizational brand story.


  • What does inclusive narrative mean for my organization?
  • How are community members acting as advocates for my story?
  • What ways should my organization reflect internally and externally about the inclusion and affirmation of individuals of LGBTQIA+ experience?

Shane Lukas (He/Him)

CEO, A Great Idea

With nearly two decades’ award-winning experience in graphic design, art direction, user experience and strategy, Shane Lukas is the creative solutions specialist leading A Great Idea, an agile empathy-led, content-led agency powering brands for companies and organizations across the country.

A Great Idea (AGI) began in 2015 by Creative Strategist and owner Shane Lukas who brings more than 20 years’ experience producing award-winning digital and print design for Monster, AirTran Always, drugstore.com, and Verizon Wireless. AGI represents an opportunity to share and expand those skills with creative partners across the country through a framework informed by his three decades of nationally and internationally recognized volunteer equity- and rights- centered activism. AGI is motivated to bring our best every day because so many of our partners are changing the world for the better, and we are honored and grateful to join with them.

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