What If The Best Thing Happens?

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What If The Best Thing Happens?

About this event

What if the BEST CASE SCENERIO happens to your organization? You get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get mega publicity. What does it really mean for your organiztion?

In this short session, we’ll talk about BC/DC Ideas approach to big communications event planning. We’ll also outline exactly what did happen when we finally made it to the big dance.

While we’ll use the Puppy Bowl as our example, the lessons learned in this sessionc can be applied to any major media event.

Dawn Crawford


The engine behind BC/DC Ideas, Dawn has dedicated her career to good. Before launching BC/DC Ideas in 2010, she earned her chops in 10+ years of communications leadership roles for public health, healthcare and youth-focused nonprofits. Working for nonprofits is Dawn’s dream job, and she loves that her 50+ hours a week make the world a better place.

These days Dawn brings her considerable experience and expertise to helping elevate the nonprofit sector. Our team’s lead strategist, Dawn is often seen leading our IdeaStorms, penning communications plans, or checking in with clients.

Things that make her happy: Chai tea in the morning or a glass of champagne at quittin’ time, Basecamp, living in the South, her daughter’s giggle and a well-formatted spreadsheet.

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