Create Good 2020 Keynote

During this time we need to find the confidence, power, and leadership to keep going and succeed. That’s why we’re excited have Ashley come share her point of view. Ashley talks about how to embrace your entire self – both the imperfections and greatness – to improve your life

About Ashley:

Ashley Beaudin is a speaker, coach and heart encourager who inspires humans into emotional wholeness, real community, and bold leadership. She is the visionary behind The Imperfect Boss; an international movement that shifts imperfections into superpowers and helps women lead with their whole selves. Ashley’s campaigns of empowerment and vulnerability have reached hundreds of thousands of people over three years and she has been featured in publications and events across North America. The easiest way to her heart is through soul talk, hugs and donuts.


Website Best Practices

Speaker: Leandra Ganko

Get a primer on that next level of website “to-dos” list. Learn tips to easily understand responsiveness for mobile, basic website security, how to schedule database backups, why building a website succession plan is essential and more.


Proven Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Tactics

Speaker: Candace Cody

Highlighting proven tactics uncovered from analyzing thousands of peer-to-peer fundraising efforts—including events, giving days, annual funds, and corporate partnerships.

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