Building Your Advocacy Garage


I get it…talking about politics and stakeholder engagement is scary. Engaging with an audience that can seal your fate for good or ill can be an anxiety-filled experience for nonprofits and corporations alike. But did you know that you can develop and secure the tools needed to be ready? Seth Palmer is a public affairs expert with NP Strategy, a strategic communications firm in the Southeast, who has helped organizations of all sizes build their advocacy “garage” with every tool imaginable and put them to work!

Seth Palmer

Seth is an experienced public affairs professional with a passion for communications. For more than a decade, Seth has used my skills and experience to translate engagement into action for public and private sector entities. From advising senior elected officials, nonprofit executives, and professionals in multiple industry sectors, his goal is to always give anyone he works with the tools they need to effectively communicate with any audience. His experience as a lobbyist, policy advisor, consultant, business owner, and a lot in between has given him the tools to operate in any situation and the passion to approach with the goal of providing service to his clients, colleagues, community members, and friends.

Seth is a proud member of the Wolfpack, graduating in 2008 with a Political Science degree. He is an IOPL Fellow, Truman National Security Project Political Partner, and an NLC North Carolina Fellow.

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