How to use creativity so your organization (and your workers) don’t become stagnant


This session will be a highly interactive combination of conversation and workshop focusing on how to use creativity as an intervention to motivate your employees and to energize your organization.

Shawn Taylor

Coach and Consultant

Shawn is the host of the popular podcast, “Surviving Creativity.” He’s a founding author of, and a founding organizer of The Black and Brown Comix Arts Festival. Shawn is a recognized scholar and sought-after speaker in the areas of pop culture and participatory culture studies, mythology, folk and netlore, experimental theater and media studies. In his other life, he spent twenty years in non-profit adolescent mental health and juvenile justice work. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Pop Culture Collaborative. Currently he works as a coach and consultant for individual creatives and organizations, and is a lecturer at SFSU.


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