The Conversational Interview


Are you looking to hone your interview skills to create bolder content for your website, social media or print materials? Philanthropy Journal Editor-in-Chief Sandy Cyr will share her expertise and insights on how to kick folks off their prescribed language to get them thinking and sharing more deeply about their work. In this session, she will provide tools that are essential in getting to the heart of the issues, no matter the subject.


  • Interview preparation tips
  • Conducting a conversational interview
  • Tips for getting past small talk to more meaningful conversations

Sandy Cyr


Sandy is a nonprofit communication professional, with experience in writing and editing for both print and web; podcasting; social media; project management; crafting communication plans; and strategic planning. She views herself as a social justice warrior for the nonprofit sector, using her communication expertise to boldly share the stories, missions, and work of organizations across the globe in order for audiences to gain new understanding about the importance of this work and the sector as a whole.


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