Workshop: Hashtag and Social Hustling


One of the most powerful ways we can mobilize people around our message or cause is through the use of Instagram hashtag campaigns.

When done well, these campaigns can grow our people, donations, credibility, and impact. After leading over twelve hashtag campaigns on social media, Ashley Beaudin of The Imperfect Boss will spill her secrets on how to create a viral campaign concept that empowers you to lead your mission.

About Ashley:

Ashley Beaudin is a speaker, coach and heart encourager who inspires humans into emotional wholeness, real community, and bold leadership. She is the visionary behind The Imperfect Boss; an international movement that shifts imperfections into superpowers and helps women lead with their whole selves. Ashley’s campaigns of empowerment and vulnerability have reached hundreds of thousands of people over three years and she has been featured in publications and events across North America. The easiest way to her heart is through soul talk, hugs and donuts.

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