Matching Your Content Strategy with Your Brand Archetype

April 5, 2024 |
 11:00 am –
 12:00 pm
Adaron Hall

Does your nonprofit’s content match the brand personality you want to convey? Odds are that your brand personality is aspirational and not shining through in your content as much as you would like. We’ll help you find a practical way forward that gets your content strategy closer to the personality you want to present to your community.

Session Takeaways:
In this session, you will

  • Find your brand archetype and see what that looks like in the nonprofit sector. Is your organization a Caregiver, Sage, Hero, or Everyperson like 85% of nonprofits, or are you something else?
  • Compare the best types of content for that archetype with the content you create now.
  • Create a game plan to better sync up your brand archetype and your content strategy, including ways to overcome common hurdles like lack of time and content micromanagement.


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