Kristina Leroux

Pronouns: She/Her
 COO and Community Manager
 Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kristina Leroux is the COO at Nonprofit Marketing Guide where she helps nonprofit communicators find what they need to do their job better. She runs the All-Access Pass program, manages and contributes to the webinar and workshop series, manages the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Community, and runs the Nonprofit Marketing Guide blog to which she frequently writes including the popular #NPCOMMLIFE feature. She is a very active lazy person who enjoys working out and playing tennis and pickleball as well as binge-watching television shows and movies while eating really bad snacks.


April 5, 2024 //
11:00 am 
– 12:00 pm
Location: Adaron Hall

Does your nonprofit’s content match the brand personality you want to convey? Find a practical way forward that gets your content strategy closer to what you want to present to your community.

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