The Anxious Communicator: Using Checklists & Editing Processes for Success

April 5, 2024 |
 1:30 pm –
 2:30 pm
Adaron Hall

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or just have an increase in anxiety thanks to all that’s happening in your world, you’re not alone. 19.1% of the U.S. population report being affected by an anxiety disorder – and that’s just what’s reported. Using simple checklists and processes, you can help guide your anxious brain to nonprofit comms success and a less stressful workday. Kate Runy from BC/DC Ideas will share how her anxiety and ADHD has helped her develop a method that reduces mistakes and helps her brain go from the what-if-worries to grounded action that gets things done.

Session Takeaways:

  • Logical checklists that will help you with processes from sending emails to creating blog content
  • A process to edit yourself and others to reduce errors
  • Why slowing down is best even when it feels like the worst
  • How to move forward instead of dwelling on a mistake or letting that fear mean inaction


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