Kate Runy

Pronouns: She/Her
 Communications Specialist
 BC/DC Ideas

As Communications Specialist for BC/DC Ideas, Kate manages online content and social media for clients in a variety of sectors that range from legal membership organizations to animal rescue and more. In addition to creating words to fit any platform, Kate loves creating graphics that capture attention for clients. She also is the reporting hub for BC/DC Ideas projects and enjoys creating dashboards full of data.

She also provides communications and membership services for Nonprofit.ist, a directory of nonprofit consultants and coaches that connects nonprofits to the right person for the right project.

Before joining BC/DC Ideas, Kate coordinated website and social media content, communications, and advertising for organizations including Go Global NC and Dementia Alliance for NC.

Things that make her happy: Dogs. She co-founded a nonprofit to help spay and neuter dogs just because she loves them so much!


April 5, 2024 //
1:30 pm 
– 2:30 pm
Location: Adaron Hall

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