The Home Team: Getting Ambassadors Rooting for Our Cause

April 4, 2024 |
 1:30 pm –
 2:30 pm
Adaron Hall

This may sound familiar if you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could clone myself!” We’re a small, local organization with a tiny team — two staff members tasked with doing all the communications, marketing, outreach, and community engagement, plus supporting fundraising, internal communications, program applicants and participants, and organizational growth. Relatable? So we DID clone ourselves: by launching an ambassador program with a few of our most engaged program participants! We’ll share what we’ve learned — and are continuing to learn! — from the perspective of a staff member as well as an ambassador, how our “Home Team” initiative is helping us expand our reach and impact, and how you can do it at your organization, too.

Session Takeaways:

  • Determining the goals and objectives for an ambassador program, and planning for impact
  • Choosing, inviting, and training your team members
  • Compensating your ambassadors and ensuring they feel valued and supported as members of your team
  • Learning, growing, iterating, and learning some more!


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