Daniele Berman

Pronouns: She/Her
 Director of External Relations
 Community Home Trust

Daniele Berman has been a storyteller all her life, and she has put her storytelling skills to work in the nonprofit sector for over a decade. As both a professional advocate for and personal beneficiary of affordable housing in North Carolina, she has spent the past three and a half years working with local nonprofit land trust Community Home Trust. She believes in the power of connection and sees her role as Director of External Relations as primarily focused on building connections: between people and opportunities, between communities and resources, between experts and learners, and between neighbors and friends. As a lifelong learner herself, Daniele is always willing to try something new and see what she can learn from it — and to share what she’s learning along the way with others. (Bonus: Daniele lives right here in downtown Durham and is always ready to make a recommendation for a great restaurant to try while you’re in town!)


April 4, 2024 //
1:30 pm 
– 2:30 pm
Location: Adaron Hall

Learn how a small communications team is able to multiply their impact with an ambassador program.

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